About Leak Detection Associates
Helium leak detection technology is used to confirm the presence or absence of channels and/or holes in packages; in effect, provides verification of package integrity.

The detection of these defects involves the use of a light tracer gas which is capable of locating even the smallest leak quickly. The turnkey SIMS 1282+ unit, offered by LDA, Inc., measures the helium flow rate escaping from the test package through any and all leaks that are present thanks to a calibrated helium-specific mass spectrometer. The rate at which helium escapes from a package can be closely correlated to the rate at which water vapor, oxygen or other gasses may enter or escape from a package.

Packages are filled with helium on-line, or off-line, and then placed in a Vacuum Test Fixture Module to measure the rate at which helium escapes from the package. A Head-Space Analysis Module is then used to measure the concentration of helium in the package, and provide an Actual Helium Leak Rate.

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