BRIAN MULHALL – Chief Executive Officer

Brian is an experienced and seasoned executive in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries who is considered a key thought leader and innovator when it come to the field of Container Closure Integrity. Over the course of a 30+ year career, he has held senior positions at Organon Pharmaceuticals, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and the SGS US Testing Company. In 2002, Brian founded and served as CEO of Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories, an FDA regulated quality control testing laboratory serving the pharma, biotech, consumer products and medical device industries. Under Brian’s guidance, Whitehouse Labs built the first fully contained, multiple technology container closure testing facility in the world. The Whitehouse Labs CCI Division had the capability to perform leak testing using every available test platform (Helium, HVLD, Vacuum Decay, Laser Headspace Analysis) and on virtually every type of package material, system and configuration.   Whitehouse Labs was sold to AMRI in December 2015. Brian lead the acquisition of Leak Detection Associates for CLJ Holdings LLC and upon closing of the transaction, was named its new CEO.

JEFF MORROW LUCAS- Director of Engineering

An Engineer by training, for more than 20 years Jeff has been considered the world’s leading authority on the use of helium for package integrity testing. He has worked at Leak Detection Associates for his entire career and is credited with the development, manufacture and advancement of the SIMS 1284+ Leak Detection System and its predecessors. His work in the CCI field specific to the use of helium as the tracer gas is unmatched and has led to the ASTM F2391 standard for helium leak detection. There is not an LDA system anywhere in the world that Jeff has not had a hand in designing or building. He is also credited with uniquely engineered advancements such as specialized tooling for various package types and sizes, for method development for testing unique package types and for designing systems to very specific client standards.

ALAN WEISS – Chief Financial Officer

Alan is an experienced financial manager who has served in CFO roles for that past 20 years. Prior to joining Leak Detection Associates, Alan served as founding partner and CFO for Whitehouse Analytical Laboratories alongside Brian Mulhall. He brings a time-tested and proven operational platform to all aspects of Leak Detection Associates and will oversee and manage a number of critical functions to include finance, accounting and human resources.