Pre-filled Syringes

Pre-filled Syringes2019-05-03T16:40:20+00:00

With the advent of more advanced drug development for a wide variety of injectable compounds and the need for self-administration, Prefilled Syringes are becoming the preferred container system. In many ways, the Prefilled Syringe is more complex and intricate in comparison to a vial with a rubber stopper and crimp seal, a sealed ampoule and certainly a glass bottle with screw top closure. Prefilled Syringes often unique challenges in the closure integrity world because they typically have multiple sealing areas that are subject to compromise. A helium based test system is the ideal tool to address the complex integrity issues a system like this presents. The Helium Based System can be designed to deterministically and qualitatively measure and evaluate the different seal points to insure integrity is being maintained.